Shade Construction Between 0ur Storage Containers

RRV wants to thank: Bad Bascomb, Badges, Cactus Gray, Cronus Walker, M. C. Ryder, Nasty Newt, Squeaky Whiel, Waldo Wright, Kazarah Jane, and Coso Kid who provided the labor to put up this shade.

Cronus Walker
Bolting on an upright
M.C. Ryder and Coso Kid drilling holes for the uprights.
Badges on the ladder, Squeaky Whiel, Waldo Wright, and Coso Kid putting the purlins on the contailer.
Badges, Bad Bascomb, and Squeaky Whiel clamping the Purlins to the uprights.
Bad Bascomb and Coso Kid using TEC screws to fasten the purlins to the uprights.
Coso Kid , M.C. Ryder, Nasty Newt, and Waldo Wright fastening down the first roof panel.

More Photos From The Shade Construction

This shade will be great for Shooters Meetings, Lunch, and Socializing

Thansks to everyone who helped put up the shade!!!
If you have any questions about our shoots or the shades, email- Kazarah Jane or email- Coso Kid

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