Robbers Roost Vigilantes First Permanent Shade

On 25 June a Host of Volunteers Met At The Range To Put Up Our First Permanent Stage

Gravedigger, Bad News Betsy, Duelin Tom, Nasty Newt, Red Dog Don, Cactus Grey, Pawnee Ron, Grizzley Ike, Ballarat Bob, M.C. Ryder, Kazarah Jane, and Coso Kid showed up to dig the holes, put up the frame, and pour the concrete.

A Special Thanks to: Gravedigger for donating the material for the frame.

Bolting the frame together, Nasty Newt, Gravedigger, Red Dog Don, and Duelin Tom on the ladders

Duelin Tom and Red Dog Don bolting the center perlin

Bolting everything together.

Thanks to Bad News Betsy and Ron Swor who took the pictures.

We poured almost a yard on concrete to hold the shade down in our desert wind.
We gave the concrete one week to dry and on July 3, we met again to put the roof on the shade.
Duelin Tom, Nasty Newt, Red Dog Don, Grizzley Ike, Squeaky Whiel, Spin'n Wheil, M.C. Ryder, Kazarah Jane, and Coso Kid showed up to add the roof panels.

Squeaky Whiel, M.C. Ryder and Coso Kid Set the First Roof Panel

Duelin Tom, M.C. Ryder and Nasty Newt Fastening Down The Roof Panels.

Duelin Tom

Nasty Newt

Duelin Tom, M.C. Ryder, and Coso Kid Fasten The Last Panel

Squeaky Whiel and Coso Kid Attaching the Trim

Spin'n Whiel hauling rocks to complete our latest "Grave". The headstone was donated by Pawnee Ron

Spin'n Whiel building the grave.