Photo Archive

Photos of Goode and Bad Bascomb from Eldorado 2019
Photos from Trail Walk on September 9th, 2017, courtesy of Rum Runner
Photos From January 28th BAMM Match, courtesy of Short Stock
Photos from May 2015 Annual Match
Photos from Defend the Roost 2014
Photos from Defend the Roost 2013

Just George named 2012 Dammit of the Year - story and pictures
Photos from Defend the Roost 2012 - Courtesy of Cronus Walker.

Jail Construction February 2012
Jail Construction January 2012
Pictures from the August 2011 raid on the Bridgeport Vigilantes

  Our Shade Construction Between The Storage Containers
  Photos from the Special Shoot For Our Swedish Guests
 Pictures from the 2006 5 Dogs Annual Shoot
  Group Picture from the 2005 Annual Shoot 
  The RRV Graveyard, Our First Permanent Stage 
  Cowboy Earl Builds Our Second Permanent Stage 
  The Vigilantes Build Our First Permanent Shade
 Flag Pole Dedication and September Shoot Photos
  Check our Range Construction