This is a black powder muzzleloader trail walk--
the trail will consist of several shooting stations with various targets
such as steel, clay birds, bowling pins, and paper.

We will be shooting  rifle, usually around 24 rounds
,  but it is always good to bring more.
We wil also be shooting shotgun.  If you don't have a shotgun, we have ones to loan.

Each time a shooter hits his or her target they will score 1 point.

The rules are simple you can load your gun with muzzle charge but
NOT prime or cap until at the station-- muzzles must always
be  pointed in safe direction[up or down]  or of course down
range .

Traditional style muzzleloaders only [for example, Hawken or
Kentucky--- flintlock or percussion cap ] no modern in lines or
breach loaders.
If pistols are used, muzzleloading single shots and cap and ball revolvers are allowed.
(If you don't have a pistol, it is highly likely you can be loaned the use of one, so don't
let that stop you from coming out.)

Round ball only, no conical bullets, black powder and substitutes only, 60 grain max charge.

For more info contact Cowboy Earl at: ranorn@mediacombb.net
Location: Robbers Roost Vigilante Range in the Ridgecrest Gun Range Complex
5136 Wiknich Rd.
The cost for RRV members $10.00
non members $15.00