Robbers Roost Vigilantes Graveyard

On April 8 Gravedigger And a Host of Volunteers Put Up Our First Permanent Stage

Thanks to: Duelin Tom, Cronus Walker, Kazarah Jane, Nasty Newt, Red Dog Don, Skeeter Oly, Bud Lutge (Gravedigger's Dad), and Coso Kid for all the Help!

A Special Thanks to: Gravedigger for Having the Inspiration and Building the Stage

Gravedigger Using His Tractor to Bore Holes For The Phone Poles

Duelin Tom, Nasty Newt Doing the Heavy Work, Coso Kid With The Level, And Red Dog Don Setting The First Phone Pole

Raising The Wall

Gravedigger Drilling The Mounting Holes

Coso Kid and Red Dog Don Bolting Down The Porch

Gravedigger and Bud Start the Boardwalk

Gravedigger and Bud Working On Shooting Table

Gravedigger Unloading Headstones

Gravedigger Showing Us How to Set Headstones

Setting The Fence For The Graveyard

The Graveyard


The View From the Public Parking Lot.

The Sierras In The Background

The Wildflowers In The Foreground

Duelin Tom (Our Landlord) Used The Case Tractor To Widen Our Shooting Lines in Preparation For Putting Up Our Permanent Shades