Robbers Roost Vigilantes Second Permanent Facade

On May 20 2005, Cowboy Earl And a Host of Volunteers Put Up Our Second Permanent Stage

Thanks to: Cronus Walker, Cowboy Earl, Badges, Gravedigger, Kazarah Jane, Spin n Whiel, Squeaky Whiel and Coso Kid for all the Help!

A Special Thanks to: Cowboy Earl For Building The Stage

Gravedigger Using His Tractor to Bore Holes For The Phone Poles.

A Special Thanks To Gravedigger Who Brought His Tractor And Auger From Tehachapi To Help.

Cowboy Earl and Coso Kid Supervise.

Coso Kid, Cowboy Earl, And Squeaky Whiel Raise The First Phone Pole.

Gravedigger and Spin N Whiel Observing

Raising The Second Pole

Making Fine Adjustments To The Pole Spacing

Coso Kid and Cactus Gray Bolting The Set Together.  

Cowboy Earl Did A Great Job On The Design.

Raising The Facade.

Installing The Footing For The Roof